Acer Announces Three Tablets, App & Music Store

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Acer went full Apple Tuesday with the announcement of not only three new tablets, but also plans to launch both an app and music store for Acer devices. At a press conference in New York City, the company showed off a 10.1” device that will run Windows, and then two devices, one 10.1” and the other 7”, that will run Android. The company plans to release them starting in February of 2011.

The 10.1” Windows device (shown below) will run a processor from AMD, according to PC Magazine, and feature two cameras (one front, one rear), WiFi and 3G connectivity, and be 15mm thick (Apple’s current iPad is 13.4mm thick). The company said this device would ship in February, but didn’t a name or pricing for the device.

The 7” Android device will feature a high resolution 1280 x 800 display, an unspecified dual core processor, and a front facing Webcam. It will also have WiFi and 3G capabilities. The larger Android device will be 13.3mm thick, an HDMI port, WiFi and 3G, and support for 1080p HD video.

Acer didn’t announce a name or pricing for the two Android devices, and said they would ship sometime after the tablet version of Honeycomb ships. Honeycomb is a in the version 3.x family of Android’s timeline, and is one of the first versions of the OS that Google has said will be designed with tablets in mind.

Acer’s effort to emulate Apple’s iTunes is called Alive, a content delivery system with five sections, according to Listen will offer music and audio books, Watch will have movies and TV, Read will feature books, Play will have games, and Applications will have apps.

Alive is scheduled to launch for Acer Windows computers starting in 2011 (starting in Europe), and the service would, in theory, encompass other Acer devices such as those running Android later down the road.

Acer Tablet

Acer 10.1” Windows Tablet Prototype
Source: Acer



Congrats Acer.  Wait until iPad 2011 and watch our smoke!

Sunny V

10” and android is going to really sell. That’s hot.


What we don’t know is interesting as well. Will it run Flash? How well is that going to work without a keyboard?

Oh yeah, and what will it cost? And how soon will the store really be available? “Starting in 2011” could mean DEC 2011, maybe in time for Christmas NEXT year?

Good luck with that.


Also the battery life for windows version. For sure it will run flash but they will compete with ipad 2 not current ipad…


Suggest you check the first sentence of the fifth paragraph.

John Molloy

“Apple?s effort to emulate Apple?s iTunes is called Alive,” Apple are bringing out something to compete with iTunes? Careful with that muscle memory Bryan… How many times a day do you type Apple? raspberry

Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

We actually do know that it will run Flash, because in the press conference, they used the Flash-word about once every 10 seconds. It will be a key differentiator versus iPad, just as it will be for the Playbook.

Also important is that these devices will use DLNA, which means you won’t need a $99 Apple TV dongle to play content on your TV,

Bryan Chaffin

Fifth para checked and corrected. smile

Rattyuk, if I only had a nickle…heck, I’d take a penny. smile


Also important is that these devices will use DLNA, which means you won?t need a $99 Apple TV dongle to play content on your TV

There are 3 players in this market- Intel’s WiDi, Airplay, and DLNA.  While they all provide similar functionality, Apple’s product seems to be the most refined, efficient, and speedy.  We’ll see who wins out.


I’m more interested to find out if Acer intends to run an Android store or an Acer store.


Android tablets have a common feature, high configuration. In other words, it follow here and there, maybe this is a suitalbe stratage for app creators, iFunia, who wants to surpass Handbrake on video converter.

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