Acer Chairman: Apple Weakening, Windows Ready to Grow

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JT Wang from AcerAcer chairman JT Wang thinks Apple’s growth in the PC market is coming to an end, and that Windows-based PCs are ready to take off again thanks to the introduction of ultrabook laptops.

According to DigiTimes, Mr. Wang sees Apple, Microsoft and Google as the three major platforms in the PC market with Microsoft as the clear leader. He expects sub US$700 ultrabook prices will kill Apple’s momentum, however, and that Google’s Android OS will be a flat performer.

Assuming Intel’s ultrabook spec will be the PC market’s savior could come back to haunt Mr. Wang since prices for the laptops are expected to be in line with, or higher than, Apple’s MacBook Air lineup.

Mr. Wang has also predicted earlier this year that iPad marketshare would drop up to 30 percent. Despite his expectations, iPad demand isn’t waning, and Mac sales have been increasing steadily for several quarters while PC sales have been on the decline.

For now, it looks like Mr. Wang is hanging his hopes for renewed PC market growth on an unproven laptop market segment with a price point that, at least for now, manufacturers can’t realistically hit. Presumably he has his lucky rabbit foot handy for just in case.

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Wishful thinking at best.


Wishful thinking at best.

There’s a fine line between wishful and delusional. I do expect Apple sales will soften at some point. but it won’t be due to Windows based ultrabooks. He’s also forgetting that Apple invented the ultrabook (nee MacBook Air) and leads the pack. As mentioned in the article he also predicted the collapse of iPad sales. He’s speaking to his shareholders and BOD. Possibly he’s trying to protect his job.


Take a look back at the ‘predictions’ this guy has made in the past. Its not wishful thinking. He reminds me of a used car salesman talking about how the Pinto has no weaknesses and you should buy it as he has had a great deal of others wanting it.


Having to support over 200 Acer netbooks in our district (worst purchase we ever made) I can pretty much guarantee that if Windows based consumer portables DO make a comeback at the expense of Apple sales, Acer will NOT be leading the pack - or even among the middle, back, or trailing the pack…


Even aside from Mr. Wang’s track record (abysmal), I’m holding on to my Apple stock.


Is Acer beleaguered yet?


Walt Mossberg’s review of the Lenovo and Toshiba versions of the Ultrabook formula came out today and his summation was “I’m a fan.” Moreover, the two Ultras hit the price point of a comparably-equipped MacBook Air. However, the two did not match the battery, display or start-up performance of the Air. Both had some structural deficiencies compared to the Air. And then there’s the OS. By the time all that gets sorted out, I expect the next Air generation will still be in front.

—Written on a 13” MacBook Air

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