Action Puzzle Game Luxor 3 Heralds MumboJumbo's Return to the Mac

MumboJumbo has returned to the world of Mac gaming with the Mac version of its match-three action puzzle game Luxor 3, which is now available from Players fire balls into an ever-growing chain to create matches of three like balls and eliminate those orbs from the screen. If the chain reaches the pyramid at the end of the path, the game ends.

Luxor 3 features more than 140 levels, seven unique game modes, upgradeable power-ups, new bonus level gameplay, and new ways of making matches, including reflectors. Pricing is US$19.95 and Mac OS X version 10.4 is required.

MumboJumbo's now-defunct sister company, MacPlay, brought many games to the Mac, including Aliens vs. Predator, SiN, Baldur's Gate II, TRON 2.0, and several others. The company eventually dropped out of the AAA games business to focus on casual gaming, later transitioning those efforts to MumboJumbo, which has released many such titles for Windows and consoles. Luxor 3 is MumboJumbo's first Mac game in three years.