Action Puzzle Game Zuma’s Revenge Released for Mac

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PopCap Games on Tuesday released Zuma's Revenge, the sequel to the popular action puzzle game in which players fire colored spheres into an advancing chain, eliminating groups of three or more like-colored balls. Players advance to the next level by completing eliminating the chain; the game ends if the chain reaches its destination.

The sequel features a Polynesian paradise with more than 60 levels in Adventure mode, six mini-game boss battles that introduce new attacks and defenses, and a variety of graphical enhancements, including triple the screen resolution of the original and 3D particle effects. Players can also now slide their frog character horizontally and vertically, as well as jump between lily pads in search of the best angle on a shot.

Also included are 70 new levels in Challenge mode, an Iron Frog gauntlet with 10 levels that must be finished sequentially, and Heroic Frog mode, in which gamers replay Adventure mode on a much tougher difficulty setting.

Pricing is US$19.95. System requirements call for Mac OS X version 10.4.11, 1GB RAM, and a 1.66GHz Intel Core Duo processor.


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Rob Allan

This whole Intel-only business is BS from my perspective. Are we all supposed to run out and buy Intel-based Macs now? It’s enough to drive me back to Windows!

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