Ad Agency Said to be Working on Verizon iPhone Campaign

Rumors that the iPhone will soon be available on Verizon’s network are on the rise again, and this time they claim that an advertising agency is working on the company’s campaign for the upcoming fourth generation iPhone. If true, that means AT&T’s five-year exclusive deal will becoming to a premature end.

According to CrunchGear, Landor Associates is working on a marketing campaign for Verizon to promote the iPhone on the company’s cell service network.

If true, then the notion that AT&T’s exclusive deal with Apple runs through 2012 is off base. The cell service provider struck a five year exclusivity deal with Apple when the iPhone was originally launched, but that doesn’t mean the two haven’t since renegotiated the contract.

Rumors that Apple and Verizon are striking an iPhone deal have been around nearly as long as the iPhone. Since the report that Landor Associates is working on an iPhone campaign is also just a rumor, there still isn’t any solid evidence to support the idea that AT&T’s exclusive deal is ending — especially since Apple isn’t commenting on its carrier plans.