Adidas Drops iAd over Control Issues

Adidas has apparently backed out of the iAd mobile advertising program because of Apple’s heavy handed control over ads. Sources familiar with the situation claimed Apple rejected three Adidas ad concepts, causing the shoe maker to walk away from the program in frustration, according to Business Insider.

Adidas had planned on spending US$10 million on its iAd campaign, and it isn’t the first company to pull out of the iAd program. Perfume maker Chanel backed out of iAd in August once it had enough of Apple’s attempts to control its mobile ad campaign.

Adidas Souring on iAd Program

Apple introduced iAd as an interactive advertising platform for the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. The company touted the service as a better way for companies to draw in new customers because the ads would be more engaging and wouldn’t pull viewers out of the apps they were using.

Unfortunately, Apple’s strict control over the campaign ideas advertisers want to use has been a sticking point for many companies. The ad launch process has been slower than many companies would like, too, since Apple wants to build the ads for its advertisers.

Adidas representatives aren’t confirming or denying the reports that the company has pulled out of the iAd program. Apple spokespeople, however, have said Adidas is still in the program, but wouldn’t offer any additional information.

Even if the industry insiders are wrong and Adidas is still participating in the iAd program, it appears Apple’s demand to control individual campaigns is proving to be a sore point with potential advertisers.