Adobe Lightroom Comes to the iPad

Adobe announced the immediate availability of Lightroom for the iPad on Monday as a companion app for Lightroom 5 on the Mac and Windows. Lightroom is Adobe's professional photography management and editing application.

Lightroom for iPad lets you edit Raw images away from your desktopLightroom for iPad lets you edit Raw images away from your desktop

Lightroom mobile auto-syncs images between your desktop and iPad, complete with metadata and collection changes, and it lets you edit Lightroom images via the iPad's touch interface. The app also auto-syncs photos you take with the iPad's built-in camera, and gives users control over which images sync between their iPad and desktop.

Since the image files Lightroom uses can quickly fill up an iPad's storage, the app works with thumbnail versions instead. It also offers a subset of features from the desktop version of Lightroom. Adobe says more features are coming, and an iPhone version is in the works, too.

Lightroom mobile is free and is available at Apple's iTunes-based App Store. It requires Lightroom 5 on the desktop, which is available as part of Adobe Creative Cloud, starting at US$9.99 a month.