Adobe Releases Emergency Patch for Critical Flash Security Flaws

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Adobe dropped a surprise update on Flash users on Friday to patch what the company said are critical security issues, some of which are already being exploited by hackers. The update addresses 23 security flaws, and Adobe is urging Flash users to install the update immediately.

Adobe patches more security flaws in the sinking ship called FlashAdobe patches more security flaws in the sinking ship called Flash

Some of the flaws the update patches could allow attackers to run malicious code on victim's Mac, Windows, or Linux computers. The company said Flash Player and earlier on Mac, Windows and Google Chrome, as well as and earlier on Linux are affected.

Flash has a long history of major security flaws, and has been losing its relevance over that past few years as site developers move to to CSS3 and HTML 5, and more browsing happens on smartphones where Flash isn't an option. Web browser makers have warned they're dropping support for the Flash Player plug-in, Google and Amazon have turned their back on the multimedia platform, and even Adobe has conceded Flash's time dominating the Internet has passed.

If you need Flash, go to Adobe's Flash Player webpage and download the latest version. If you don't need Flash, however, it's time to uninstall it and remove a dangerous security weakness from your computer.

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At risk of sounding like a looped recoding, if you don't need Flash on your Mac, uninstall it. Flash is like a security sieve giving hackers flaw after flaw to exploit, putting your personal data at risk.

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