Adobe Sets Lightroom for iPhone, iPad Free from Creative Cloud

Lightroom for the iPhone and iPad is a pretty powerful image editing app, but has always required a Creative Cloud subscription, and that you use the Mac version of the app, too. As of Thursday that changed because Adobe turned Lightroom for iOS into a truly stand-alone app that doesn't even require a Creative Cloud subscription.

Lightroom gets cool new features, drops Creative Cloud requirementLightroom gets cool new features, drops Creative Cloud requirement

Previously, you could download and use Lightroom for iOS for free, but without Lightroom on the Mac and a CC subscription, it ran as a 30-day trial. Taking away those restrictions opens up Lightroom to a much wider audience.

Adobe also added new features like Target Adjustments in the Color and Black & White tools, a Dehaze filter, and in-app camera controls. Offering Lightroom to iPhone and iPad users without requiring a Creative Cloud subscription was a smart move because now Adobe can go head to head with Pixelmator, Snapseed, and other serious image editing apps.

You can download Lightroom for iOS at Apple's iTunes-based App Store.