Adobe Bringing Audition to the Mac

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Adobe announced on Wednesday that it is working on a Mac OS X version of its Audition music and audio editing application. The company plans to release a public beta through its Adobe Labs Web site sometime in winter 2010.

The audio editing app will include multi-track mixing and single-track wave form editing views, a spectral view, pop and click removal, and what Adobe said is the best noise reduction tools in the industry. The application will also include Photoshop-like tools such as a healing brush to edit audio, native multi-channel 5.1 surround sound support, and more.

Adobe is targeting professional audio post production and broadcast media with Audition for the Mac, just as it has done with the Windows version.

“Audio editors and video professionals will now have more choices for audio production with Adobe Audition available on both PC and Mac,” said Adobe’s Sandra Nakama.

Users that are interested in signing up for the public beta, or want updates on the status of the Mac beta, can sign up at the Adobe Web site.

Audition is priced at US$349.


Lee Dronick

For those of you with experience using both programs how does Audition compare to Logic Studio?

Stephen Swift

Last time I used Audition was in 2006.  I really liked it.  The interface was straightforward and less cluttered than Logic Studio.  I think Audition’s brilliance is in it’s two modes.  There’s a destructive editing mode (which feels similar to Soundtrack) and non-destructive mode (which is timeline/track based).

I haven’t kept up with Audition, so I’m unfamiliar with it’s features, filters, plug-in support.  Adobe Audition came out of a product called Cool Edit Pro, which was targeted for the prosumer market.  The learning curve was gentle, but the software still was very capable.  I am not sure what direction Adobe has taken it since then.  I am looking forward to trying it out again.


@Stephen Swift “Audition”, “Cool Edit Pro” =  baby software. ProTools is the real thing

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