Adobe Camera Raw 6.1 Release Candidate Fixes Photoshop CS5 Stability Issue

Adobe released a near final version of Camera Raw 6.1 on Friday. The release candidate fixed an issue where Photoshop CS5 could crash when opening files with the Camera Raw 6.0 plug-in, and added support for ten more cameras.

Camera Raw 6.1 added support for the Canon EOS 550D (Digital Rebel T2i/ EOS Kiss X4 Digital), Kodak Z981, Leaf Aptus-II 8, Leaf Aptus-II 10R, Mamiya DM40, Olympus E-PL1, Olympus E-600, Panasonic G2, Panasonic G10 and Sony A450.

The update added a lens correction feature that includes profile-based fixes for camera lens-related issues such as geometric distortions, chromatic aberration and lens vignette effects. It also improved overall performance and added an updated support for the Olympus E-600 camera.

The Camera Raw 6.1 release candidate requires Photoshop CS5 and is available as a free download at the Adobe Web site. The software is still in a beta testing state, but is approaching official release status.