Adobe Considers Photoshop Viewing App for iPad

Adobe’s John Nack, former head of Photoshop, is now focusing on the company’s tablet-based efforts and wants to know if iPad users are interested in viewing PSD files on the go. Mr. Nack raised the question on his blog and is soliciting feedback as comments to his post.

Mr. Nack is looking to find out what people would hope to accomplish with Photoshop file viewing on their iPad, whether or not they want to be able to view individual layers in documents, what other types of interactivity users would need, and how much they’d be willing to pay.

So far, control over layers is a popular request, as is the ability to access files synced with Dropbox. US$10 seems to be the general price point users are hoping to pay, too.

Anyone interested in sharing their ideas for an iPad Photoshop viewing app can add their thoughts to the comments on Mr. Nack’s blog post.