Adobe Flash Builder, Flex Add iOS App Support

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Adobe announced the immediate availability of Flash Builder 4.5 and Flex 4.5. The updates for the Flash-based development tools added support for building iOS apps for the iPhone and iPad.

Flash Builder

Along with iOS app development support, the tools also gained the ability to build RIM PlayBook apps. Android OS app support was added earlier this year.

The development tools support building apps for iPhone and iPad-size screens, let developers target specific platforms with app builds, and can create Web apps.

Adobe Flash Builder 4.5 is priced at US$249, or $699 for the Premium version with support for memory and performance profiling, improved performance for larger apps, command line support, and network monitoring. Flex 4.5 is available as a free download at the Adobe Web site.

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Quoting a security analysis regarding Flash from the article that Sir Harry cites, supra:  Adair urged everyone to keep Flash Player up-to-date. “If you or your organization runs Adobe Flash and you’re not keeping up on these patches ... you are in bad shape,” he said.

I’d amend that to say that anyone running Flash is in bad shape.


Meanwhile back at the ranch

Careful, Sir Harry, you are begging for yet another flash lesson from Bosco, with full detailed explanation of why these exploits are so not a big deal!!

Curse Apple and Steve Jobs for keeping flash off our iOS!!  Curse them for hating the disabled!!


Bosco (Brad Hutchings)

Nemo and Sir Harry, the same admonition and advice applies to and will continue to apply all software in widespread use, including Mac OS, iOS, and Safari.


Ooh Ooh Look look

Curse them for hating the disabled!!

I’m being hated again wink


I’m right there with you, furbies. Bosco says I’m mentally disabled but I don’t know what he means!!  wink

Lee Dronick

Ron, Furbies, and friends, I am afraid that we are outnumbered. The inmates are running the asylum.

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