Adobe Intros Acrobat Connect Pro Mobile for the iPhone

| Product News

Adobe is taking its online collaboration and conferencing Acrobat Connect platform on the go with the release of Acrobat Connect Pro Mobile for the iPhone and iPod touch. The app lets users participate in Acrobat Connect sessions, and works over Wi-Fi or 3G connections.

The app can display presenter's desktops and presentations, displays shared PDF documents, shows who is participating in a Connect session, and supports VoIP voice chats.

The Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro service is priced starting at US$45 a month. Adobe Acrobat Connect Pro Mobile is free and available for download at Apple's iTunes-based Web site.



Hate Adobe Flash but I dig Acrobat. I just hope Adobe isn’t being “lazy” about this too and giving Mac users a second rate experience. The programs should be identical in features and performance or I’ll be against this too.

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