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Adobe unveiled its new Muse Web site design application on Monday geared towards print designers that need build sites but don’t want to code. According to Adobe, designers can build Websites with Muse that include interactive elements, and unique designs without being limited to pre-built templates.


Muse supports HTML 5 and CSS3, includes a WYSIWYG design interface, and addresses a long standing request from InDesign users looking for an easy way to migrate their print layouts to the Web without requiring any coding skills. The app offers drag-and-drop widgets for features like navigation menus, and supports slideshows, remote rollovers, tool tips, and more.

Muse is an Adobe AIR-based application, and requires Mac OS X 10.6 or higher.

For now, Muse is available as a free preview, and will be available for US$20 a month or $180 a year as a subscription service. Adobe claims that offering Muse as a subscription app will ensure that users will always have the most up-to-date version, and will keep Muse-built Web sites in line with current Web standards.

Muse is available for download at the Adobe Web site.



Let’s see.  $180.00 a year forever for Muse or $229.00 for SoftPress’ Freeway Pro (Pro), and with Pro, you can decide whether and when to upgrade and the upgrades for Pro, depending on which version you are upgrading from, have been a lot less than $180.00 per year.  Added to that Pro is the more mature and established product, though I imagine that Muse integrates better with Adobe’s Creative Suite. 

However, if you are a Mac users, I believe that Adobe has not yet upgraded its Creative Suite product to be fully compatible with Lion, OS X version 10.7.  It seems that Adobe couldn’t get Creative Suite ready in time for Lion, as nearly every other developer has done.  There was something about the dog having eaten the code that an Adobe engineer left lying around.


The flip side of that is if you only need it for a short period of time, it’s only $20 to rent it for a month. Not bad for casual designers looking to whip up a personal portfolio page.


will be available for US$20 a month or $180 a year as a subscription service

I sure as heck never recommend Software as Service.
As others have pointed out you can buy good tools for a fraction of this yearly rental.  Rapidweaver is $79. Freeway Express is $79. It might succeed at 1/10 of this ($2/mo, $18/yr) but this is just nuts.

JJ Mackey

I gave up Adobe’s $200 per upgrade per year on Dreamweaver and Photoshop two years ago and have been very happy about it. I bought Freeway Pro and I’m never looking back to Dreamweaver. I used to hate Microsoft but now I just feel sorry for them, Adobe is garnering all of my hatred now… Acrobat and Flash suck!


Yep. Freeway Pro is the way to go (ooo a rhyme!)

This is very worrisome. Is this and their Digital Publishing Suite a test to see if they can extend their subscription model to all of their software? God help us if we have to rent Creative Suite.

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