Adobe Lightroom 4 Available on Mac App Store

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Adobe’s photo editing and management app for the Mac, Lightroom 4, made its way to Apple’s Mac App Store on Thursday. Adobe has been slowly adding its applications to the Mac App Store, although so far has held back on offering the Creative Suite titles through Apple’s online software download store.

Lightroom 4 now available on the Mac App StoreLightroom 4 now available on the Mac App Store

Lightroom 4 targets pro and semi-pro photographers. It includes tools for touching up and repairing images, photo management, support for building portfolios and albums, video editing and management, and more.

The Mac App Store version of Lightroom 4 is priced at US$149.99, or $0.99 more than it costs through the Adobe website. It requires OS X 10.6.8 or higher.

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Curiously, it’s still not showing up on the Mac App Store here in the UK.

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