Adobe Offers 50% Premiere Discount for Unhappy Final Cut Users

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Adobe Premiere discountAdobe is hoping to draw more video editors to Premiere Pro by offering Final Cut Pro users that are unhappy with Apple’s recent release of Final Cut Pro X a half-off discount on Premiere Pro CS5.5 or the Production Premium Suite.

Apple released Final Cut Pro X in late June with changes that left many Final Cut Pro 7 users upset, concerned and confused. The new version of the video editing app for the Mac includes a redesigned iMovie-like interface, doesn’t support some features that were available in Final Cut Pro 7, and can’t import projects from earlier FCP versions.

Apple also killed off the Final Cut Suite and Final Cut Express, and dropped the price of Final Cut Pro from US$999 to $299.

Adobe’s half-off offer may be enticing to some video editors, but at Premiere’s $799 regular price, the discount price of $399 still leaves shoppers spending $100 more than they would for Final Cut Pro X.

Adobe’s half-off deal for Premiere Pro runs through September 30, 2011, and is good only for full versions.



Ok, being snarky, but even 50% off most Adobe software is still too expensive. If you’re paying retail for anything Adobe, get real. My sister wanted to buy Acrobat Pro for her business.  $500? Really? Yeah, she skipped it and went with a different solution that ran her about $70.


A deal of limited value, as many of us already have Adobe products purchased in a Creative Suite bundle. What we would need is an upgrade from one Creative Suite package to one that contains Premiere (in many cases that means going for the Master Suite). No deals on those upgrades though. Oh well.


Publicity stunt. Plain and simple. No one who has all of their work in Final Cut will switch to Premier. At least with Final Cut X you have the possibility of being able to move your projects into the upgrade. Forget it if you move to Premier.


At least with Final Cut X you have the possibility of being able to move your projects into the upgrade.

You really don’t, at least if you do it won’t be any easier than moving them elsewhere. Apple’s FAQ states that you cannot import old project and it gives no indication that this will change. I don’t know much about the EDL, OMF, and AAF “exchange formats” but I suppose it might be possible someday to export one of those from FCP 7 and import it into FCPX.

P.S. I am not a video editor so none of the above remotely bothers me; I just find all the brouhaha entertaining.

P.P.S. How do you prove to Adobe that you’re “Unhappy” so you can qualify for the discount?

Lee Dronick

How do you prove to Adobe that you?re ?Unhappy? so you can qualify for the discount?

I don’t think that they care, they are just making the best of someone else’s bad situation. Also it may be a loss leader.

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