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Adobe CEO Shantanu Narayen let slip during the Web 2.0 Summit that his company is working to optimize Flash for Apple’s MacBook Air, according to Engadget. The revelation comes in the wake of reports that Flash dramatically reduces the battery life of the new MacBook Air — a claim that Adobe has been denying.

Adobe is working with a MacBook Air in its labs to fine tune how Flash runs on the ultra-light laptop. “When we have access to hardware acceleration, we’ve proven that Flash has equal or better performance on every platform,” Mr. Narayen said.

Adobe is working to optimize Flash for the MacBook Air

The report comes as good news for MacBook Air users that need Flash installed on their computer since a potential hit to performance and battery life could impact their ability to work.

Apple raised eyebrows when it shipped the new 11.6-inch and 13.3-inch MacBook Air without Flash pre-installed. Despite the exclusion, however, Apple isn’t blocking users from installing Flash themselves.

There isn’t any word yet on when — or if — Adobe plans to release a Flash update that improves MacBook Air performance.



It is not just the Macbook Air.
When a major PC website compared the Macbook Air to other Macbooks, all of them can run nearly 50% longer when Flash was removed.

Think about It. 50% longer battery life when Flash is removed.


Adobe painted themselves into a corner. I’m enjoying watching them squirm now: they have to ‘man up’ and admit a) the Mac version is a hog and b) no sensible person will let a convicted cpu-cycle-offender come within 100 yards of a mobile CPU.

John Dingler, artist,

First Adobe whined to the world that Flash was just fine, implying that it needed no fixing, even going so far as to complain to authorities that Apple was operating anticompetitively.

Now it’s fixing Flash. *LOL* This change of heart completely contradicts its whining claim that Flash is OK.

Was Adobe lying then it said that Flash was OK or is it lying now when it strongly implies by its actions that Flash is not OK? Can’t be both.


Running Bioshock or CoD on a MacBook Air will kill the battery, I guess should we ban/hate Bioshock/CoD.

Utilising the CPU/GPU in any way will kill the battery, turning it on will kill the battery.

I view news of Flash being optimised as positive.


Utilising the CPU/GPU in any way will kill the battery

Sure, but when the ‘same software’ behaves markedly different on two platforms that share pretty much the same hardware architecture, it’s safe to suspect haphazard programming at some level.


Sure, but when the ?same software? behaves markedly different on two platforms that share pretty much the same hardware architecture, it?s safe to suspect haphazard programming at some level.

iTunes for Windows fits this criteria beautifully - it’s crap, and it’s not that brilliant in OS X either nowadays.

But with Flash, no, I’ve not experienced that recently.

I haven’t seen a massive disparity since the PowerPC days come to think of it. With the exception of no GPU acceleration on the SL side I get roughly the same performance across OSes on both an atom based netbook and a Mac Pro.


The macbook Air has the same CPU/GPUs as previous and/or current MacBooks and MacBookPros with the same OS. What is there to optimize?

Adobe’s retarded CEO thinks a MAC is a PC. PCs have so many variations that optimizing for manufacture and model may be necessary, but on the MAC the Air is nothing new, other than the form factor and the SSD.

This guys is full of shit. Optimized version my ass. Flash is the problem.

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