Adobe: Photoshop CS3 OK in Snow Leopard, But Not Supported


Adobe Photoshop Product Manager John Nack clarified the company's position on Creative Suite 3 support in Snow Leopard by stating Photoshop CS3 has been tested and seems to be working fine, but company is focusing its maintenance efforts on the CS4 applications.

"It turns out that the Photoshop team has tested Photoshop CS3 on Snow Leopard, and to the best of our knowledge, PS CS3 works fine on Snow Leopard," Mr. Nack said on his blog.

According to Mr. Nack, Adobe's policy is to focus on its current application suite and typically doesn't "go backwards and do dot releases on software that is no longer shipping." The policy lets Adobe dedicate its resources to current and upcoming application versions.

He added "When we say that we officially support a specific OS, you can trust that we've done very extensive testing on that platform. If we haven't done that level of testing, then we simply won't say that we support it."

[Thanks to Daniel Jalkut from Red Sweater Software for the heads up.]