Adobe Posts Critical Security Update for Flash

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Adobe posted a new version of Flash on Thursday that addresses a critical security issue, (CVE-2010-0186) which "could subvert the domain sandbox and make unauthorized cross-domain requests." The new version, replaces version

Go to this Adobe page to see which version you have installed and to see the latest version, as well as find a link to the download page.  You will download an installer: Adobe Flash Player.pkg.

Flash - About

Partial screen shot of Flash about page

Because there is no automatic update mechanism supplied by Adobe for stand alone Flash, users must become aware of these alerts and manually apply the update.

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Lee Dronick

On the linked page:

“You have version 10,0,45,2 installed”

Which is a much higher version number than the I have installed smile

John Martellaro

Commas.  Just another way of Adobe being perverse.

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