Adobe Releases Audition for Mac Public Beta

Adobe announced the immediate availability of a public beta version of Audition for the Mac on Tuesday. The application brings Adobe’s audio editing, mixing and mastering tool that was previously available only for Windows users to Mac OS X.

Adobe Audition for the Mac

The audio editing app includes multi-track mixing and single-track wave form editing views, a spectral view, pop and click removal, and what Adobe said is the best noise reduction tools in the industry. The application also includes Photoshop-like tools such as a healing brush to edit audio, native multi-channel 5.1 surround sound support, a volume leveler, surround reverb, and more.

Adobe is targeting professional audio post production and broadcast media with Audition for the Mac, just as it has done with the Windows version.

Users that are interested in trying out the public beta can download it at the Adobe Labs Web site. Audition is priced at US$349.