Adobe Releases HTML5 Pack for Dreamweaver CS5

Adobe announced the immediate availability of its new HTML5 Pack for Dreamweaver CS5 at Google’s I/O event on Wednesday. The add-on pack for Dreamweaver enhances the Web design application’s HTML5 support and includes the ability to preview what HTML5-based designs will look like across multiple devices.

The add-on pack includes code hinting support for HTML5 and CSS3, supports CSS3 media queries, includes several HTML5 starter layouts, updates the Dreamweaver’s WebKit engine with support for video and audio in preview mode, includes the ability to layout Web site designs for multiple screen sizes at the same time, and more.

The add-on will be good news for Web developers that need to move away from Flash-based Web site designs, or need to add HTML5 support to current Web sites. It also better positions the company to address concerns over whether or not it planned to offer full HTML5 support in its tools or focus on pushing Flash exclusively.

Interest in Adobe’s stance on Flash and HTML5 increased after the company found itself in a public feud with Apple over Flash support for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. Apple currently doesn’t support Adobe’s multimedia format on its portable devices, and won’t approve apps for the devices if they’re built with third-party tools that don’t natively support Apple APIs — including Flash CS5.

While Adobe has been promoting Flash as the best solution for online media delivery and Web-based apps, Apple has thrown its weight behind HTML5, CSS and the H.264 video format.

The Dreamweaver CS5 HTML5 Pack is an extension for the application instead of an update. It’s free and available for download at the Adobe Labs Web site.