Adobe Releases Mobile for iPhone

| Product News

Adobe released Mobile for the iPhone Friday, an app that offers editing tools for photos taken on the iPhone. The software also ties into Adobe's photo sharing and storage Web site. Users can upload images to, as well as view images already uploaded to the site.

Editing functions include:

  • Basics: Crop, Rotate, Flip
  • Color: Exposure, Saturation, Tiny, Black & White
  • Filters: Sketch, Soft Focus
  • Effects: Vibrant, Pop, Border, Vignette Blur, Warm Vintage, Rainbow, White Glow, Software Black & White Mobile is a free download on the App Store. Mobile Screenshot Mobile Download

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Have to say guys, this is really awesome. It’s pretty comparable in functionality to a lot of other editing apps, but the UI rocks (you can drag on images rather than using sliders to increase/decrease effects, for example), best crop tool of any iPhone app, and it’s free. I can definitely see this being stellar as it moves beyond 1.0, and what it portends for for it’s bigger brother apps on future devices (put the damn tablet out already!) is pretty exciting. Very recommended.

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