Adobe Releases Reader for iPhone, iPad

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Adobe released an iPhone, iPad and iPod touch compatible version of its Adobe Reader app for viewing PDF documents on Monday. The app supports opening and reading PDF content, PDF Packages, annotations, and more.

Adobe Reader on the iPhoneAdobe Reader on the iPhone

Adobe Reader for iOS can handle unencrypted and encrypted PDF documents, supports Adobe Live Cycle rights management, and includes content searches in documents, PDF bookmarks, thumbnail page views, copy and paste from PDF files, AirPrint, and emailing documents from within the app.

The app requires an iPhone 3GS or newer, third or fourth generation iPod touch, or an iPad or iPad 2. Adobe Reader is free and is available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.

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Just ad silverlight and the bad guys will have full access to your iPhone any day now.

Really. If I needed a full blown PDF app on any of my iOS devices, I would look to another developer, any developer other than adobe.


Good apps.  Works great.  Just what I needed.


How does it compare to GoodReader ?
I hate Adobe products so much I won’t download & try Adobe Reader for iOS

Yes, yes, I know my bias is showing…...

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