Adobe Sets CS5 Launch Date for April 12th

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Adobe has set the launch for Creative Suite 5 to April 12th, at 8:00 AM PDT. As part of the runup to the launch, the company has created a dedicated site featuring a countdown, as seen in the image below. The company hasn’t announced details of what will be included in CS5, though the Mac version of the suite will be Intel only and written in Cocoa.

CS5 Launch Countdown

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Picking nits: Redundant headline.

Bryan Chaffin

Doh! Thanks, Tiger. smile

Lee Dronick

I signed up for the event and am anxious to see what is new and if the upgrade is worth it or not.


As a user of Adobe’s software (not sure whether to say willing or reluctant!) I guess it’s good to see progress, but considering their upgrade costs for the suite and bugginess when the new versions come out, I’m ‘hesitant’ at best to be optimistic.


Seems like in a half sense, the new versions are often bug fixes for prior versions, with some new features added in.

This suite has been written as 64-bit in Cocoa, so that’ll make it a little more worthwhile. I completely skipped over CS4, so even if this one has yet again minimal new features I’m planning on plunking down $600 smackeroo’s.

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