Adobe Ships Tablet Publication Tools with Digital Publishing Suite

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Adobe announced on Monday that the Enterprise Edition of its Digital Publishing Suite is shipping. The publishing tools, which previously were available to a limited number of companies, handle the creation and distribution of electronic versions of magazines, newspapers and other publications on tablet devices including Apple’s iPad.

Adobe logoAdobe’s tablet publishing tools are available

Along with iPhone, iPod touch and iPad support, the Digital Publishing Suite supports content creation for Android tablets and RIM’s still unreleased PlayBook. The tools are built on Adobe Create Suite 5, integrate with the Adobe Online Marketing Suite, and support third party add-ons and subscription systems.

Digital Publishing Suite includes hosted enterprise-level tools for building and testing content, distributing content for multiple mobile platforms, analytics tools and support for Adobe SiteCatalyst, e-commerce support, and the ability upload new content via Folio Producer directly from Adobe InDesign.

Adobe has also committed to supporting Apple’s new in-app subscription feature, along with Google’s One Pass subscription service.

Companies interested in purchasing the Enterprise Edition of Digital Publishing Suite should contact Adobe for custom pricing quotes.



One of our freelancers who works on our Alumni Mag here at work was playing around with the beta of this stuff and the results were pretty nice. He said you had to rethink the concept of what a “magazine” is, but it looked promising. Unfortunately it means more software to learn for us designers, but what are you going to do. smile

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