Adobe TV Web Site Adds iPad Support

Adobe has expanded its Adobe TV video tutorial Web site to include support for iPad users. Previously, the videos were viewable only on computers with the company’s Flash Player installed.

Videos at the site served to iPad users are encoded in a compatible format so they don’t see the familiar dialog asking them to install the latest version of the Flash Player — something that isn’t possible on iOS devices.

Visiting Adobe TV on an iPhone, however, still shows the missing Flash plug-in dialog, and computer users are served up only Flash versions of the videos.

Adobe TV, on the iPad!Adobe TV adds iPad video support

Adobe’s collection of tutorial videos is a great resource for Creative Suite users looking for some quick tips on using the company’s products, but by limiting the service to devices with Flash installed the company blocked Apple’s growing base of iPad users from checking out the content when they’re away from their computers. By adding iPad support, Adobe is embracing a growing platform, but at the risk of appearing as if it is backing down on its hope of including Flash on all mobile devices.

Apple and Adobe have publicly locked horns in the past over Flash support on the iPhone, and by extension the iPod touch and iPad. Apple’s stance has been that Flash comes with stability, performance and security issues. Adobe, however, claims the accusations aren’t valid and that Apple is trying to lock other companies out of its iOS ecosystem.

Apple stopped including Flash as part of the default Mac OS X installer for the MacBook Air when new models were introduced last year, and has been following suit with the rest of its computer lineup hardware updates roll out.

Adobe’s Flash to iOS cross-compiler was temporarily banned by Apple, too, but the company eventually relented and allowed the tools to be used along with third-party compilers from other companies as well.

No matter what Adobe’s reasoning behind adding iPad support to its Adobe TV Web site, the end result is good news for its product users since they can watch the tutorial videos on yet another device now.