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MiKandi has joined the ranks of Amazon in using the term “app store” to sell Android-compatible apps, and like Amazon, is now locking horns with Apple’s legal team. MiKandi, the self-proclaimed “world’s first app store for adults,” earned itself a cease and desist letter from Apple for using “app store,” according to GeekWire.

The company offers its MiKandi App Store app for Android for free. It acts as a repository for adult-themed and pornographic apps that users can purchase and install on their Android devices. Titles like SweetJamJam, iBoob Uncensored, Adult Friend Finder, and Erotic Lesbian Stories are available through MiKandi App Store.

Naughty iPhone!Apple wants “app store” to itself, sans porn

MiKandi apparently saw the potential for bigger headaches from Apple, so the company changed the wording on its Web site to state that it’s “The Worlds First App Market for Adults.”

The Android app reseller’s decision to change its wording may have been a smart move, at least for now, since Apple recently filed a lawsuit against Amazon over its new Appstore for Android service. “We’ve asked Amazon not to copy the App Store name because it will confuse and mislead customers,” commented Apple spokesperson Kristin Huguet.

MiKandi doesn’t have any plans to take on Apple head to head right now, but the company may try to piggyback on Microsoft’s fight to stop Apple from trademarking “App Store.”

“It’s not worth it for us to fight Apple’s legal team over this by ourselves,” said MiKandi co-founder Jesse Adams. “Maybe we can file an amicus brief to Microsoft’s case.”

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Lee Dronick

They could create an acronym using the first letters of Adult App Store.


Would that just spell AAS?  What the hell does AAS mean Harry?

Lee Dronick

What the hell does AAS mean Harry?

Adult App Store


I agree with you Sir Harry, acronyms are the way to go. For the iPad you could have ‘The Interesting Tablet Store’ and for all other devices you could use ‘Discover Interesting Content Knowledge Safely’.


Microsoft tried this schtick with “Windows”, trying to claim exclusivity to the word “Windows”. That didn’t work either.

You can’t have copyright exclusivity on something as generic as “app store” anymore than you can on the word “app”. The term “app” as an abbreviation for application is in the common language, Apple doesn’t own our language.


Microsoft tried this schtick with ?Windows?, trying to claim exclusivity to the word ?Windows?. That didn?t work either.

Actually it worked well enough that Lindows became Linspire.


Thank you for the coverage!
While we believe the term ‘app store’ is too generic to be trademarked, we know better than to fight a battle we can’t afford. We’ll let the giants (Amazon, Microsoft, Apple) has this one out. wink
In the meantime, adult Android users are welcome to try our app MARKET by going to


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