Adventure Game Hybrid: Eternal Whisper Lands at App Store

Publisher Gamevil on Friday announced the App Store release of the fantasy adventure game Hybrid: Eternal Whisper. The game takes place on a planet called Platina, where humans and Spirits co-exist. Players must travel between parallel worlds as they try to save the Spirits from annihilation.

Hybrid: Eternal Whisper features 70 battles, along with 10 hidden stages and an endless mode, during which players use combo attacks to defeat enemies. Each time they save a Spirit, they acquire new skills. They can also enchant and combine their weapons and items as well as level up their power, mana, and gravity field, as in a traditional role-playing game.

World leader boards are also included so players can post their progress online. Pricing is US$5.99 and iPhone OS 2.0 is required.