Aerial Photos Show Progress on Apple's Spaceship HQ (Update)

Aerial photos taken by Bay Area reporter Ron Cervi show the progress being made on the construction site of Apple Campus 2. Being built in Cupertino, the so-called Spaceship HQ is starting to take physical shape, with an outside wall bringing physical reality to the circular design of the building.

Unveiled in a proposal to the City of Cupertino in June of 2011, Apple Campus 2 was one of the last major projects worked on by Steve Jobs before his passing in November of that year. Cupertino posted a video of that presentation that features Mr. Jobs in one of his last public appearances on behalf of Apple.

In December of that year, renderings of the proposed site were made public, and the building is being heralded as destination architecture, both for its size, layout, and beauty. Ron Cervi, who Tweets and Instagrams as Sky1Ron, is a news and traffic reporter for KCBS in San Francisco, and he has been posting aerial photographs of the site showing the progress. He also has a lot of other very good photos in his Instagram feed, for those keeping score at home.

In two new photos posted on Thursday and first noted by TUAW, we see that Apple's building has been given physical shape by a wall for the first time. In a picture posted to Twitter, below, you can see the extended construction site, including the site of support buildings off to the side.

Aerial Photo

"Another view of the spaceship."
Source: Ron Cervi (published with permission)

In a tighter shot posted to Instagram, below, Mr. Cervi gives us a better look at the outside inner wall taking shape. [Update: I received a note from someone telling me that the wall we're seeing is the inner wall of the outer ring, rather than the outer wall. - Bryan]

Aerial Photo

"Almost daily progress on Apple's spaceship."
Source: Ron Cervi (published with permission)

When everything is said and done, this is what it's expected to look like:

Rendering of Apple's completed building
Source: City of Cupertino