Agile Offers 1Password touch Pro for Free

| Product News

Agile Web Solutions announced on Tuesday that it is offering 1Password touch Pro for free a limited time. The password manager for the iPhone and iPod touch is regularly priced at US$7.99.

The application lets users store and retrieve passwords and login information, can copy and paste user names and passwords into Web page fields, stores secure notes and credit card information, supports folders for organizing passwords and other sensitive data, can synchronize data via Wi-Fi with 1Password for the Mac, and more.

1Password touch Pro is available for download at Apple's iTunes-based App Store.

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Thanks for the news! I’ve been wanting the Pro version, but too cheap to pay for it (I already paid for the Mac App abnd got the regular 1P touch app for free when it was first released, so didn’t see the need to buy the Pro version).

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