AirDrop May Finally Land in iOS 7

Apple may be bringing AirDrop to iOS 7Apple's AirDrop feature makes it easy for Mac users to share files without any special setup, and while there was speculation that it would be a feature in iOS 6, it never materialized. Now there's word that Apple has been testing AirDrop for iOS 7 and it may finally show up on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Unnamed sources speaking with 9to5 Mac said AirDrop is currently available in iOS 7 test builds through the Share menu, but that doesn't mean it'll still be there when we get our first preview of the operating system on June 10 at Apple's annual World Wide Developer Conference keynote event. The company has confirmed we'll get a look at what iOS 7 will offer, but hasn't confirmed any features as of yet.

AirDrop on the Mac lets users see other computers that have the feature active on the same network, and then drag-and-drop files to each other without worrying about configuring sharing settings. Adding AirDrop support to iOS would make it much easier to share files between the iPhone or iPad and Macs -- and would also a long-standing complaint about how difficult it is to move files to and from iOS devices.

Apple isn't taking about iOS 7 features yet, so for now AirDrop in iOS 7 is just an unconfirmed report. Adding the feature, however, would be a smart move since iPhone and iPad users are frustrated with the limited file sharing options they currently have, and Android phone and tablet users already have similar features available to them.