Airtight Brings iOS Airplay To Google TV

A new app called Airtight has been introduced on the Android Market for the Google TV that allows Airplay functionality from iOS devices. The app allows iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad owners to stream video content to TVs with Google TV support over AirPlay, a feature normally limited to Apple TV.

Currently, the US$0.99 app allows you to stream non-DRM videos from your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch directly to your Google TV. It doesn’t support mirroring, DRM movies, or music at the present time, although the developers seem eager to expand its capabilities. With only a couple of reviews currently on the Android Marketplace, the app seems to be working well, within it’s limitations.

Airtight Screenshot

AirPlay Screenshot Showing Google TV as an Option

It is entirely possible that this app could be broken with updates to the iOS devices, but it’s an interesting development that allows for some cross-platform interoperability between what are usually two mutually exclusive camps.

[Thanks to TechCrunch for the heads up.]