AirTran Brings Wi-Fi to the Skies

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AirTran Airways is the latest airline to bring Wi-Fi to its passengers, and the company claims it will be the first to offer wireless Internet access on all of its planes.

AirTran teamed with Gogo Inflight Internet for its Wi_fi service, and plans to finish its rollout by the end of the summer. Passengers will need to have an 802.11 a, b, or g-compatible device, and Internet Explorer, Firefox or Safari for Web browsing.

According to AirTran, its Wi-Fi service is compatible with laptops, the iPhone and iPod touch, BlackBerry smartphones, Windows Mobile Devices, and the Symbian S60. Voice services, however, are not supported.

AirTran's in-flight Wi-Fi service requires a Gogo account. Signing up for the account is free, but users will have to pay for in-flight Internet access.



Virgin America has been using GoGo as well.  They might have their fleet covered by the time Air Tran finishes their “roll out”, so perhaps it’s too soon to claim “First”.

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