Alleged iPhone Prototype Ebays for $1,499

A device that Ebay user "applefancollector" claims is an original iPhone prototype sold for US$1,499 Monday morning. The device looks a lot like the original iPhone design, as shown in the images below, but it runs only a test version of iOS, and it won't make phone calls.

iPhone Prototype

Images Posted to Ebay

On the back of the device are etchings of the signal strength of the device. According to the auction, the device operates and runs through its test iOS, but it won't make phone calls. The auction received 37 bids from other Apple collectors.

The Ebay description in full [and uncorrected or edited]:

Here it goes! My wife says I have too much stuff, so I have to reduce my collection.

I am selling a very rare original iPhone engineering prototype. These were used to test the
iPhone's various features. To do so, a special test software was installed, which is still running
on the device perfectly.

This is device is especially rare, as it shows the initial iOS version installed and the signal
strength values etched on the back. This was done by Apple internally and is guaranteed genuine.

I am collecting Apple products for ages and I know of only 5 such devices in existence,
I saw another one a few weeks back on eBay, but the auction was stopped ( possibly by Apple ).

I was digging around a little and it appears that most of these devices were scrapped, so it
won't come rarer than this. There is not even much information about these in the net.

I tried to provide as much photos as possible, to show that the device is a genuine prototype.
These come from a time, where prototypes were not "lost" in bars or pubs. ^ ^

The device itself is in near mint condition, apart from a very tiny mark in the back. This is
highlighted in the photos. Technically, the device is also perfect. It passes all tests perfectly.

I must stress again, this is an engineering prototype. It does not run a full version of iOS at its
current state and you cannot make any calls with this. It is a pure collectors item and I am
sure any collector, such as myself, knows what this is and will value it in their collection.

Any genuine offers are welcome, as Apple may close this auction at any time.

I will send the phone express and insured to anywhere in the world. Please message me for
shipping charges.

My fellow collectors, I keep this short and brief. Good Luck!

Happy Holidays to all of you!

[Via AppleInsider]