No User Complaints on iOS 8.1.1 and OS X 10.10.1 Updates So Far

Apple released two updates on Monday, one for iOS 8 (to 8.1.1) and the first for Yosemite (10.10.1). So far there hasn't been anything to report on either front. Not a suboptimal release like iOS had earlier this year, and as of now, no reports of tragic Mac updates either.

So far, most of the discussion surrounds users having an issue that is now fixed. Right here at TMO we haven't had any comments on the stories (linked above) about the releases, and so far our forums don't show any negative comments about the updates. In MacRumors Forums, at Reddit, and an iOS thread in Apple Discussions, there are occasional reports of something that isn't fixed, but none of the widespread woe that has come with recent releases.

In other words, this update appears to have gone exactly the way updates are supposed to go. Which shouldn't be newsworthy, but given Apple's track record in the last few months it is certainly a nice change.