AllThingsD: Apple Will Announce iPad 2 March 2nd

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Apple will be holding a media event on March 2nd to announce the successor to the popular iPad tablet, according to a report from AllThingsD. Bearing all the hallmarks of a controlled leak, Kara Swisher reported that several unnamed sources “close to the situation” said that the date was “firm,” and that it would likely be held in San Francisco (i.e. the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts).

Apple has been expected to announce a new iPad seemingly since the start of this year, but as we get closer to the April 23rd anniversary of the original iPad’s ship date, rumors of an announcement have begun to accelerate. As note above, however, this particular rumor more closely appears to be one of Apple’s controlled leaks than similar rumors we’ve seen from other sources.

If Apple is planning a media event in a week, the company will begin sending out media invites faster than you can ask, “Will Steve Jobs be there?”



If they announce a new iPad—at the same size—on March 2nd, wouldn’t it have to be shipping immediately? Otherwise iPad v.1 would take a big sales hit. And I haven’t seen any rumors of iPad inventory getting tight.

It’s possible Apple could sell the original iPad still in other countries, where the new iPad wouldn’t be available for a while.  But if the new model is a different (screen) size, no worries.


iPad v.1 would take a big sales hit.

Maybe not that big. Some buyers who’ll be content with the original may have deliberately waited for this, expecting a lower price.


So Brian, Will Steve Jobs be there?” He’s been seen out and about, so I’ve heard.

Lee Dronick

So Brian, Will Steve Jobs be there?? He?s been seen out and about, so I?ve heard.

Are referring to this video clip? I saw it this morning on CBS. Is that really him? Kind of grainy.  Warning Flash video.


And I haven?t seen any rumors of iPad inventory getting tight.

There have been reports of low stock in Europe and Canada. Both sold out and discounted which is a sign they might be trying to clear out old stock.

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