Amazon Adds Unlimited Storage Options to Cloud Drive

Amazon trumped everyone else in the online storage market on Thursday with its new unlimited plans. The online retailer is now offering a cloud-based file storage option without any data caps for just under US$5 a month—undercutting the best deals from very other online storage service, while making Apple's iCloud Drive options look painfully expensive.

Amazon goes big with new cloud storage plansAmazon goes big with new cloud storage plans

Amazon's new Unlimited Everything plan, priced at $59.99 a year, lets you store any files without limits. In other words, you can store terabytes worth of documents, photos, music and videos without worrying about running out of storage space. If only need unlimited storage space for photos, Amazon offers an Unlimited Photos plan for $11.99 a year.

If you already have a free Amazon Cloud storage plan you can keep that for now, but if you plan on actually using the service you'll have to upgrade to one of the new unlimited accounts.

To help put Amazon's new offerings in perspective, here's what you get from other cloud storage services:

  • Apple 5GB free, 1TB for $19.99 a month
  • Dropbox 2GB free, 1TB for $10 a month
  • Google 15GB free, 1TB for $9.99 a month
  • Microsoft 15GB free, 1TB for $6.99 a month

If you're getting by just fine with the free storage offerings from your favorite services, then paying for additional space doesn't make sense. If, however, you need more, no one is topping Amazon for now.