Amazon Launches Streaming Music Service with Over 1M Songs

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Amazon threw its hat into the streaming music game on Thursday with the launch of its Prime Music service. Prime Music is free for Amazon Prime subscribers, includes over 1 million songs, and several hundred curated playlists.

Amazon launches Prime music streaming serviceAmazon launches Prime music streaming service

The service puts Amazon in competition with the likes of Spotify, Pandora, and Apple's iTunes Radio. The launch also comes with the consolidation of Amazon Cloud Player and the Amazon MP3 Store into Amazon Music.

Touting a million songs doesn't seem like much compared to Spotify's music library, but it is enough to get Amazon up and running. The online retailer said it plans to continue adding more songs, which means licensing deals are still being negotiated with some labels.

Amazon Prime subscribers can listen ad-free as part of their US$99 a year membership fee.

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Amazon doesn't have a Spotify or iTunes Radio killer on its hands. Instead, it has yet another feature that makes its $99 a year Amazon Prime service more tantalizing.



Wow, and no dedicated music app. You have to search for and play all your music via the same interface you shop for crap.


...and it requires Flash.


My bad… They do have apps and they’re actually fairly decent.

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