Amazon Shows then Pulls iPad mini Homepage Slam

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Amazon used its homepage to slam Apple's new iPad mini while touting its own Kindle Fire HD earlier this week, but has since pulled the chart claiming its own tablet is better and less expensive.

Amazon's chart highlighted the Kindle Fire HD's display as "stunning," while calling the iPad mini's "standard definition, low-resolution," noted the Fire has stereo speakers while the iPad mini has a mono speaker, and called out the Fire's WiFi support while failing to mention the iPad mini supports WiFi, too.

Amazon ad: Kindle Fire HD is better, Apple is Amazon ad: Kindle Fire HD is better, Apple is "ballsy"

Amazon also quoted the tech blog Gizmodo saying, "[Apple's] 7.9-inch tablet has far fewer pixels than the competing 7-inch tablets! You're cramming a worse screen in there, charging more, and accusing other of compromise? Ballsy!"

While the Kindle Fire HD's 7-inch display does have a higher resolution that the 7.9-inch iPad mini, Amazon's tablet doesn't include features like a more powerful processor, a bigger screen, more storage space, a rear-facing camera, and an LTE-capable version. At US$199 for the 7-inch Kindle Fire HD, however, Amazon's tablet does cost less than Apple's 16GB WiFi-only iPad mini at $329.

The Amazon chart was at a minimum inflammatory, especially with its "ballsy" quote, so it's no surprise that it didn't last long on the company's homepage.

Apple's iPad mini sold out in preorders and will be available in stores this Friday, November 2.

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The big message Amazon seems to have sent in the end wasn't "the Kindle Fire HD is better," but instead "we're worried about competing against the iPad mini."

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Someday perhaps, Amazon will start making real profit for its stockholders, then we can start thinking of it as a real company.  Right now though, its business plan is to sell tablets at a loss and make up for it by selling content at razor thin margins while depending on sales tax evasion for a price advantage and a generous ‘subsidy’ from Bestbuy, Target and Walmart to showroom Amazon products for sale.

On second thought, maybe I don’t want Amazon to make any real profit ever because that means it would have sewn up a robust monopoly in retailing, and most ominously, it would have killed all the major publishing houses and has both book buyers and authors in by the you-know-what.  It already has the Feds in its pockets as evidenced by how eager they were to restore Amazon’s domination of the eBook business.  God save us.

bestuff highrise

They aren’t really products for the same audience, they should stop comparing themselves as equals.  If you want to do more than read books and consume amazon content, youre going to want to pay a bit more and get the ipad.  If that’s all you really want to do, and there are plenty of people who don’t need anymore than that, the kindle fire is obviously a better choice.


They’ve replaced it with a comparison page that does include the Wi-Fi specs. It also includes a Gizmodo quote but it’s about the Wi-Fi being better than others.


The ad wasn’t removed for being inflammatory.  They took it down because it contained incorrect information claiming the iPad mini had “mono” sound, when in fact the iPad mini has stereo speakers.


Even Apple’s own spec page lists the ipad as having a speaker, not speakers.

No matter what type of media…movies, music, books, photos and web pages look better and sound better on the Kindle Fire HD than any iPad


“look better and sound better on the Kindle Fire HD than any iPad”
That’s the sound of someone who arbitrarily doesn’t like Apple, because it’s a pretty unfounded claim.

Also, here again is another story about the iPad Mini’s stereo speakers:,0,288357.story

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