Amazon Adds Video & Retina Display Support to iPhone Kindle App

Kindle AppAmazon released a new version of its Kindle app for iPhone and iPad that adds support for embedded video and audio clips within Kindle books. To take advantage of the new features, Amazon unveiled 13 Kindle books (see below) that include videos. Version 2.1.1 of the app also adds support for Apple’s new iPhone 4 and its higher resolution Retina Display.

“We are truly excited to have collaborated with Amazon to launch Kindle Editions with audio/video,” Peter Balis, Director, Digital Content Sales, Wiley, said in a statement. “Innovations like these represent the advantages that digital can offer. Advancing our content in this manner is important for our authors and our readers and it will raise the bar on what digital reading can offer for years to come.”

The list of books (with TMO affiliate links) offering embedded video and audio clips:

Each of the above-listed books is priced at US$9.99. The Kindle app itself is free.

We would also point out that the new video features go unnoted in the Kindle app’s patch notes on the App Store — the company announced the feature in a press release.