Amazon Begins Mac OS X 10.6 Pre-order Sales began accepting pre-orders for Apple's upcoming Mac OS X 10.6, or Snow Leopard, update over the weekend. The online retailer isn't offering an exact ship date, but is saying that Apple "indicated this product will be released sometime in September."

Buyers can pre-order Snow Leopard for Apple's list price of US$29. Amazon is saying, however, that if it drops the price before the end of the first shipping day, buyers will pay the lower price instead.

The 5-user Snow Leopard Family Pack is also available for pre-order at $49, and Snow Leopard Server is priced at $499. The Snow Leopard Box set with iLife and iWork is costs $169, and the 5-user family pack version is priced at $229.

Apple typically charges $129 for new versions of Mac OS X, but is offering Snow Leopard for $100 less to users that already own Mac OS X 10.5, or Leopard. Users with older versions of Mac OS X installed on their computer will still pay the traditional $129 for their copies of Snow Leopard.