Amazon Cloud Player Adds iPhone, iPad Support

Amazon has quietly added support for Apple’s iPhone, iPod touch and iPad to its Cloud Player service. The change means iOS device owners can store music on Amazon’s Web-based Cloud Drive service, and play it back through Mobile Safari.

Amazon launched the online storage and music playback service near the end of March with 5GB of free storage and the ability to stream songs from your Cloud Drive — unless you used an iOS-based device.

Amazon Cloud Player on the iPadAmazon Cloud Player on the iPad

No word was given to explain why Apple’s devices were left out, and no word was given when Amazon finally added iOS support over the weekend.

Using the Web-based Cloud Player on an iPhone or iPad isn’t quite as friendly as it is on Android OS-based devices. Visiting the Cloud Player Web site on an iOS device, for example, shows a warning that the service isn’t compatible even though it seems to be working just fine, and iOS device users can’t upload content because the process requires Flash.

Amazon hasn’t said if it plans to build a native iPhone and iPad app for its Cloud Player service.

[Thanks to TechCrunch for the heads up.]