Amazon Instant Video Comes to the iPad

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Amazon introduced its Amazon Instant Video app for the iPad on Wednesday, giving Amazon Prime customers an alternative to the Kindle Fire for viewing the online retailer’s streaming movie selection on the go.

Amazon Instant Video comes to the iPadAmazon Instant Video comes to the iPad

The app supports downloading purchased and rented movies for offline viewing, offers movie streaming when an Internet connection is available, syncs play locations in movies with the Kindle Fire, Sony PS3, Mac and Windows PCs, and Whispersync-enabled TVs and Blu-ray players. Amazon says it has 120,000 videos in its library.

The Amazon Instant Video app, however, doesn’t support buying or renting videos since the company isn’t interested in giving Apple a 30 percent cut of in-app sales. Instead, users will need to use a Web browser to make purchases, then jump back to the Instant Video app for viewing.

Amazon Prime costs US$79 a year.

The Amazon Instant Video app is free and is available at Apple’s iTunes-based App Store.

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I guess this will work for AirPlay mirroring movies through AppleTV.  Amazon has quite a range of movies that are free for “Prime” members, but AppleTV doesn’t have an “Amazon” app. D’oh!

David Winograd

This does not work with Apple TV. The sound comes through the hockey puck but the screen remains black. This is true even with mirroring turned on.



So, is the only way to use it to have a Prime account?  On my Tivo I have access to Amazon Instant Video where you can download and rent movies, but you pay a per movie price ranging from 99 cents to $4.99 for rentals and around $10-20 to download and own it.  Does this app not work with one off rentals and purchases?


Bryan - Prime is one way but not the only way.

And even Prime members have to pay for recent movies. Amazon will be happy to take your money smile

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