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Amazon is pushing the price of its Kindle ebook reader down and ever closer to the US$100 mark by offering a version that pushes ads to users. The Kindle with Special Offers, as Amazon calls it, sells for $114 instead of $139 and includes “special offers and sponsored screensavers.”

Kindle with AdsAmazon’s Kindle, now with ads

Special offers, or ads to the rest of us, appear at the bottom of the home screen and Amazon promises the won’t interrupt users when they’re reading. The Kindle with Special Offers will also include settings so users can tell Amazon what kinds of ads they’re most interested in seeing.

Other than pushed advertisements, the Kindle with Special Offers is the same as the Wi-Fi Kindle. The ad-supported Kindle isn’t available yet, so it’s hard to say whether or not consumers will think a $25 discount is worth the on-screen ads.

Kindle with Special Offers will ship on May 3, but is available for pre-order now.

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I just logged onto this morning and saw probably the same thing you did. $114 though? I’m still not sure… I have an iPad but would LOVE a Kindle. I guess if it were $100 even I would jump on it. That $14 barrier is just mentally larger than it really is but it’s still keeping me from splurging and getting one. I don’t read a whole lot digitally anyway but it might be a good time to make the jump… decisions!


I feel the same if it was $100 I’d go for it


Lame attempt and kind of insulting. The $25 difference is measly and well worth it to keep the ads away! They really missed the boat by not breaking the $100 barrier. Wish they spent more time on updating the software though.


” I have an iPad but would LOVE a Kindle.”

Why? What could you get from a Kindle that you don’t get just as well (if not better) with your iPad (besides ‘no color illustrations’)?:


Well with a kindle you can read outside in sunlight with no glare and for just reading books it’s smaller lighter

Mike P

Why? What could you get from a Kindle that you don?t get with your iPad?:

The Kindle beats the iPad on:
- Battery life
- Readability (display-wise)
- Weight

I know it only does 1 thing but it does that 1 thing better than any other device. And this is coming from a huge Apple fanboy.

I think that if you had to choose between the two devices, you should go with the iPad because it can do so so so so so so much more. But ideally, you should have both because they are truly two separate devices and in my opinion, not really competitors.

Lee Dronick

Well with a kindle you can read outside in sunlight with no glare and for just reading books it?s smaller lighter

Certainly lighter and a bit better in direct sunlight, but under conditions of indirect sunlight, dimly lit or darkness I prefer an iPad.

Getting back to reading in direct sunlight. I tried it with my iPad and it is fine for reading unless you mirror the sun into your eyes. However, it gets hot, so hot that I got concerned. Once I moved into the shade it cooled down.

Also I like the multimedia I can get in books on the iPad.

But yes, for reading the Kindle or Nook are great.


Instead of reaching a historic milestone and crossing a siginicant mental barrier by offering the first e-reader under $100, Amazon has just made a mess of their product line. 

Personally I would easily pay $25 to avoid ads on a device, but I accept that there are plenty of people in this market who think otherwise.  But going from a flat $139 model to a dual $114 adware model and $139 ‘normal’ model just adds confusion.  I’m shocked that Amazon would add this level of complexity now without starting with a $99 option.

BTW, I have used the most recent version of the Kindle and, contrary to my previous Kindle experiences, thought it was a great product.  There is definitly room for the iPad and a Kindle in the same household, perhaps even in the same briefcase or carry-on bag.


I would suffer both objects. There is another advantage and that is lose or theft. Gone be your hundred buck ebook may draw curses; lose of an iPad a lot more anger and injury.

Also, for students doing research having their textbooks on the ereader would allow them to compose, make notes and correct on their iPad at the same time.

There would be many advantages of having both. I’m sure we will hear others. The weight factor would be very important one.

Another vaguely related point. Does a newspaper or magazine necessitate colour? I believe the Kindle supports such publications in b/w. I do know I find b/w less distracting to colour so wouldn’t minding reading publications that way.

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