Amazon Intros Cloud Drive App for the Mac

Amazon announced the immediate availability of a native Mac app for accessing its Cloud Drive online storage service on Wednesday. The service has been available for several months, but this marks the first time the company has offered Mac users an option to use the service outside of a Web browser.

The Cloud Drive service include 5GB of storage for free, music backup support for Amazon MP3 purchases, and offers paid upgrades for additional storage.

Amazon gives Mac users a Cloud Drive appAmazon gives Mac users a Cloud Drive app

Mac and Windows users have been limited, until now, to accessing their Cloud Drive content through a Web browser. With today’s app release, however, Mac users can upload files to their Cloud Drive account by dragging content onto a menu bar icon.

According to Amazon, the Cloud Drive app lets users upload files via drag-and-drop or via a contextual menu, download files, pause and resume uploads, and check to see how much online storage space is still available. That description, however, is a little misleading because the app includes a link to the Cloud Drive website where you can view and download files instead of directly supporting downloads in-app.

Cloud Drive is a free service, as are the Mac and Windows apps. The Cloud Drive app is available for download at the Amazon website.