Amazon to Join the Smartphone Game

Online retailer is apparently working on its own Android-based smartphone designed to compete with Apple’s popular iPhone. Sources claim that Foxconn, the same company that manufactures the iPhone for Apple, is working with Amazon to get the new smartphone to market.

Amazon said to be designing its own smartphoneAmazon said to be designing its own smartphone

News of Amazon’s plans comes courtesy of unnamed sources tipping off Bloomberg. Other unnamed sources claim Amazon has been working to buy up patents to defend itself should competitors like Apple threaten litigation over patent infringement.

Much like the Kindle product line, including the Kindle Fire, a smartphone could be a useful tool for Amazon to coax more content purchases out of its customers. The Kindle Fire, for example, gives users easy access to book, movie and music purchases from Amazon’s online media store.

There isn’t any word on when Amazon might release its rumored smartphone, and the company isn’t offering up any comments to confirm or deny the reports.

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