Amazon Unveils Cloud Drive Online Media Storage

| News introduced its new Cloud Drive online media storage service on Tuesday. In addition to offering 5GB of online storage for free, Cloud Drive also serves as a backup for purchases from the Amazon MP3 Store, much like Apple’s rumored Music Locker service is expected to do for iTunes users.

Amazon Cloud’s new Cloud Drive service

To help make Cloud Drive more enticing, Amazon also released a new Amazon MP3 app for Android and a Cloud Player Web browser app for streaming music from user’s online storage. The company isn’t, however, offering an app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad owners. is giving users 5GB of online storage for free, with annual subscription offers for 20GB, 50GB, 100GB, 200GB, 500GB an 1TB ranging from US$20 up to $1,000.

What the company isn’t offering is two-way music syncing from Android devices. For now, users are limited to uploading music to Cloud Drive from their computer, although music purchases from the Android MP3 app can be saved directly to the service instead of on the device.

While has beat Apple to the cloud-based music storage game, the Mac, iPhone and iPad maker is expected to offer a more feature-rich experience for its MobileMe users thanks to its soon to open North Carolina data center and strong deals with record labels.

Users with customer accounts can login and check out their Cloud Drive now.

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Does this have any connection to an Amazon Prime account?


Wasn’t Amazon Prime the leader of the Autobots?


Except they forgot to license there deal with the music labels first.
Stupid move by Amazon which will lead to there service not going anywhere for a very long time.
Why would anyone pay for that anyways? You can do that already with apps available without any fees what so ever.


Great cloud service from Amazon.  Bought my first album this evening.  Stored the mp3s in Amazon Cloud Drive for free and now they are available from anywhere.  Also downloaded into iTunes on my Mac and on my iPod.  Don’t need an iPod, iPhone, iPad app.  Just download the mp3 and you have it in iTunes.

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