Amazon's Apple TV Competitor Coming this Spring

Amazon looks to be prepping for a spring launch for its Web TV competitor to Apple TV. Like Apple's offering, Amazon's will stream video and other content to user's televisions, but this device will run on Google's Android OS.

Amazon ready to launch its own set top entertainment boxAmazon ready to launch its own set top entertainment box

Amazon will use its own forked version of Android for its Web TV, just as it has done with the Kindle Fire tablet, according to Re/code. The online retailer had hoped to launch its set top box late last year, but missed that window.

The device will support streaming content from Amazon's own services and put it in competition with Apple TV and Roku. Sources claim the company has been hiring game developers, which could be an indicator that the device will act as a gaming console, too.

Apple is said to be working on an update for its Apple TV set top box that could include video game support, and may also come with a streaming content deal with Time Warner Cable. The new Apple TV could come as early as April, but sources say it may ship as late as this fall.

Amazon is likely targeting March for its Web TV device launch, although the company isn't commenting on the rumor.