Ambrosia Releases 3-Game $19 Bundle Ahead of Multiwinia Debut

Ambrosia Software on Thursday introduced its US$19 Insurrection Collection, which includes the action strategy games DEFCON, Darwinia, and Uplink. The bundle, which is $60 cheaper than buying all three separately, will be available until March 4, when its next strategy game, Multiwinia, will debut.

Multiwinia is the online multiplayer version of Darwinia, which challenges players to save a virtual world from a computer virus. Featuring similar fractal landscapes as its predecessor, Multiwinia has players marshalling the residents of the same virtual world to do battle against each other. More than 40 maps are spread across six game types. Pricing and system requirements have not been released yet.


In DEFCON, players ready their forces and initiate all-out thermonuclear war in the hope of being the final survivor. Uplink puts players in the role of an agent working for Uplink Corporation; they must use all tools at their disposal to become the greatest and richest computer hacker ever.